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Nov 14, 2012 9:00am EST
of the press assigned tt the white house..likell o be topics... the fiscal cliff... and the c-i-a shake up... innlight of general patreaus' affair. the meningitis outtreak that's killed 32 peopll nationwide and sickened hunnreds is he foccs of a house hearing in pharmacy n-e---c inn injections nowwconnected to the deadly outbreakklawmakers say their goal is to figure out who knew what -- and when. n-e-c-c's owner, the f-d-a ccmmissioner and massachusetts state board officials are all expected to testify. outlining plans to open tablee . gamessa news onfeeence will be held later todaa.ooficialsl will be discussing how tte casino floor will be peconfigured to fit more than 125 table games. maryland voters aaproved the gambling expansion tt allow abbe gamms last wwek. victoria's secret is apologizing today... for a fashioonfauxxpas at iis annual &pfashion show in nnw york. criticism... after one of its models sported a native american headdress on the runway.tribal members pokee out... saying it was a isplay of ignorance.the retaaler saas it plans to take thh outfit shoo.f the broadcas
Nov 16, 2012 9:00am EST
the center f news reports nd headliies... the forrer cia director embroiled in scandallafter admiitiig to an extramariial affair. this morning... generrl david petraeus will be on capittl hill... to testify about what he knows about the attack in benghazi, libya.. tom rodgers is here with the other questions thht might other top ssories.good petraeus will ttstify before both the house and senate ccosed doors today.tees behind 3 & is possible lawmaker will question if petraeus' affair may have compromised natiinal security... which petraeus denies.he s expected &pto tell lawmakers that he suspected almost immediatell... the attack was the work of ansar l sharia.... an al qeda affiliitee petraues is also expected to say he had no dirrctt involvement with the talking points used by ambassador susan in the days after the attack. she's bben under firr for suggesttng the attack was protests against an pnti-muslim filmm a bowie state university student....accused of stabbing her roommate to death... is found ááot giltyy of all 7 pharges againss her. her.the deccsion was hhnded
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2